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Explanation of overall with advanced stats

In recent years, advanced stats had a important role in the NHL. Joe Sakic (general manager of the Colorado Avalanche) is the proof because he's making a lot of good acquisition by using advanced stats while people may not know the player (Devon Toews is an exemple)

Well, we decided to show you what the Canadiens looks like using these statistics into account. Here are the overall of the Montreal players. Many will be surprised by those overalls, but thanks to @hockeyanalysis who composed the overalls:

  • xG: Expected Goals, here how it determined:

  1. Shot Distance From Net

  2. Time Since Last Game Event

  3. Shot Type (Slap, Wrist, Backhand, etc)

  4. Speed From Previous Event

  5. Shot Angle

  6. East-West Location on Ice of Last Event Before the Shot

  7. If Rebound, difference in shot angle divided by time since last shot

  8. Last Event That Happened Before the Shot (Faceoff, Hit, etc)

  9. Other team’s # of skaters on ice

  10. East-West Location on Ice of Shot

  11. Man Advantage Situation

  12. Time since current Powerplay started

  13. Distance From Previous Event

  14. North-South Location on Ice of Shot

  15. Shooting on Empty Net

  • Offensive game

  • Drive Puck to the net

  • Defensive game

  • Overall

Here is Gallagher cards. His overall is high (97) because he generate a lot of scoring chance while being good defensively.

For those who might asked, yes, McDavid, Matthews and MacKinnon have good overalls. They have the same as Gally.

If you want to see more player cards, here the link:


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