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Danault for Selke?

We know it, Danault is a good defensive forawrd. Last year, he finished 6th for the Frank J.Selke with175 votes. Someone even vote for him as the best defensive forward in the league.

Here the votes he got:

1st place: 1 vote

2nd place: 1 vote

3rd place: 13 votes

4th place: 18 votes

5th place: 39 votes

This year, he could be in the race for the trophy yet again. Danault and the Canadiens only let McDavid and Draisailt score 11 points against them in 7 games. Even better, Draisaitl only scored 3 points. Normally, they both score way more points.

Here the number of points they score against each team:

Montreal: 11 points/ 7 games (1.57 PTS/GP)

Ottawa: 42 points/ 9 games (4.66 PTS/GP)

Toronto: 21 points/ 9 games (2.33 PTS/GP)

Winnipeg: 34 points/ 9 games (3.77 PTS/GP)

Calgary: 32 points/ 10 games (3.2 PTS/GP)

Vancouver: 28 points/ 7 games (4 PTS/GP)

Although there are still two games to go against the Oilers, the Canadiens managed the two-headed monster Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl very well. When the best hockey player is on the ice, the Canadiens send Danault so he can stop him from making a point. The rage is on McDavid’s side as he is seen elbowing some of the Habs' players. A statistic from JFresh came out earlier on Twitter. This statistic show who's better at even strenght defence win above replacement. Danault is second, just behind Joe Pavelski of the Dallas Stars. So, we shouldn’t be surprised if Phillip Danault receives once again some votes for this trophy.

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